Happy New Year! #2020Vision

There is no one theme for the past decade. For many it was a rainbow season of personal growth and self-realization. For many others it was a time of trouble and despair, of misfortune as oppression grew rampant and things fell apart all around.

I think that’s alright. Whatever the past few years were like, we’re still moving forward, sailing toward the sun to make the most of this next decade. We carry our good times and our bad times on board with us as we face what waves may come for us next. I hope we choose to make life better for others as we go along.

Happy 2020! Here’s to the people we’ll meet and the places we’ll go as the winds take us into the new year. ✨

*If you’re visiting my site for the first time, welcome! Expect stories of culture, travel, community and conservation as we push into the new year.