Farming is Life

In rural communities across the country, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines promotes small-scale agriculture in the name of conservation. From farm to table, seed to serving plate, WWF-Philippines has helped farmers take back the market with clean, green, local produce. As these communities slough off the dual chains of poverty and food insecurity, they take their futures into their own hands as stewards of good nutrition and environmental protection.

Man is as much a part of nature as all other living things. Protecting the environment means caring for the needs of the smallest human communities as well.

Learn more about the Sustainable Farm to Table project here.

Today my life began in earnest

I put up my own blog today. Why just now, you might be wondering, if you’ve been a self-proclaimed writer-photographer-storyteller for the past couple of years now? I don’t know either. It just seemed right.

Call it growing up.

Today signifies the start of something new, a chapter in my life that had always been open but never really explored. I remember sitting in the chapel of Sacred Heart Novitiate in South Bulacan a few years ago. By the flickering light of yellow candles, I’d committed myself to telling what stories this world had hidden away in its most distant corners, a commitment to preserve and share the wonder of this world. Today I fully commit to that.

What can you expect to find in this blog-cum-portfolio? My best work, hopefully, and also the ramblings of a twenty-something year old looking to do his part for the planet. To the far end of this blog are the photographs I found most striking, the scenes and images that caught my eye and moved me the most in my time in the field. A little closer are my favourite articles and photo-essays – the ones I’m most proud of, sure, but also pieces I consider to be very important to the world. Interspersed among it all are my thoughts and beliefs, as well as my own, personal hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Bear with me, dear reader, and I hope this blog so moves you as to take action for the sake of others – the same way this world has been moving me.

To the friends who are reading this, thank you for believing in me.